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We're building relySM for ourselves ... and for you too!

In the beginning our design and testing efforts will be mostly hidden from the public, and we'll do our best to keep visitors informed of our progress. By signing up you'll be able to get updates and an early look at what we're doing. We welcome your interest and participation in our online discussions to come.

We're concerned technologists and parents who want to humanize and change the web in a way that makes it safer, more powerful, and more useful for all. We want to put the power of our own information and personal networks in our hands, for our own private and personal benefit. We know that the whole idea that personal privacy is a thing of the past is an absurd notion being sold to us by those who seek to benefit from selling our information. We also know that there can be even more valuable public sharing of information without any compromise of personal privacy and information control.

We've got some new and tested ideas, two patents pending, some good plans for products and services, and we are just starting out. There is a lot to do. If you think you might want to help us, please let us know how you might help. Otherwise, please visit us again soon. We're hoping to surprise and impress you and make your life better!